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NGO’s Web

NGOs Web For the networking members of Nepal NGO Society, NGO web program is launched in which networking members can put their web links by which information about the programs of National and International networking members can easily be provided.

NGO meet

NGO meet In order to maintain co-relation, mutual understanding and further development among national and international organization working for the social and economic development sector in Nepal, Nepal NGO Society organizes NGO meet program yearly in the presence of sectoral NGO and INGO.

Human Rights

Human Rights In Nepal after democracy, even if there has been an improvement in human rights and respect among the people, still a massive awareness on social justice and human rights is needed. In developing and underdeveloped countries, people believe human rights as individual rights. So the individual rights have shadowed the responsibility in these...

Leadership Development

Leadership Development For the social development, capacity development is very necessary for the civil society Actor and NGO Activist. Therefore in every social sector to develop sectoral leadership, training and orientation are provided to the NGO staff, members and committee members. Also they are involved in national and international Programme and managerial responsibility


Advocacy Nepal NGO Society is conducting advocacy program in social development and humanitarian support and animal protection at different level. Advocacy has helped in the improvement of social justice and awareness on human rights among the people. After Ganatantra in Nepal the issue of human rights awareness among the people is increasing but the environment...

Director of NGO Consultancy Nepal

Chair Person : Mr. Rishi Ojha Vice Chair : Mr. Bishnu Bastola Secretary : Mr. Pharindra Paudel Treasurer : Mr. Suresh Dhungana Member : Mr. Himal Ojha Member : Ms. Teena Gurung Member : Mr. Ram Krishana Ghimire