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Coffeeshops continue to conquer

Coffeeshops continue to conquer SPORT 21 Dec 16

The shelter program has proved to be a successful rehabilitation tool in the past. From our own experience we have observed that following their stay at the shelter, about 80% of the victims of sexual exploitation are successfully reintegrated. A successful reintegration is qualified by factors such as possessing safe and stable employment, a sustainable income, basic life-skills and exhibiting psychological balance. But most importantly, the survivors do not go return to the life in entertainment sector or other forms of exploitation.

The shelter program largely deals with issues of prevention, protection, rehabilitation and reintegration. It works to guarantee the right to safety, immediate care, protection and recovery, for survivors of violence. This program is housed in a care facility based in Kathmandu that is dedicated to only girls. Not only does the shelter provide physical space for the girls to stay, it also provides an emotional space that creates a safe and therapeutic milieu for autonomy, choice, and empathy. Our process restores in the girls and women the ability to trust and rediscover the belief in them.

The process encompasses five steps:

  1. First response
  2. Intake
  3. Assessment
  4. Rehabilitation activities
  5. Reintegration processes.