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Latest Fashion Trends 2016

Latest Fashion Trends 2016 SPORT 21 D SPORT 21 Dec 16

CAP Nepal runs a shelter home which was started in 2011. To date, over 118 beneficiaries have received shelter and support there and have felt able and capable enough to change their situation and move toward a better future. CAP Nepal is well established and known amongst the various agencies and organizations for it’s commitment to provide shelter assistance to commercially sexually abused and trafficked minors in the adult entertainment sectors. Therefore, CAP Nepal receives referrals from many agencies, including the Police, for long term as well as transition shelter support.

The shelter program has proved to be a successful rehabilitation tool in the past. From our own experience we have observed that following their stay at the shelter, about 80% of the victims of sexual exploitation are successfully reintegrated. A successful reintegration is qualified by factors such as possessing safe and stable employment, a sustainable income, basic life-skills and exhibiting psychological balance. But most importantly, the survivors do not go return to the life in entertainment sector or other forms of exploitation.