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Services For International And National Organization

1.  Advocacy/policy reform
2.  Communication, coordination, facilitation and liaison
3.  Organizing meeting/ seminar/workshop/conference etc
4.  Dissemination of existing county Law/ policy and system
5.  Organizing  meeting with government official and concerned stakeholder
6.  Facilitation registration of international organization and national organization
7.  Preparation and submission of general agreement
8.  Preparation and facilitation of project agreement
9.  Coordination to project sites
10. Coordination to meet with local and concern stakeholders
11.  Facilitation for selection of local partners
12. Verification of legal documents of local partner organization
13.  Facilitation for visa support
14.  Coordination for monitoring local projects
15.  Facilitation for reviewing and evaluation of project program
16.  Supporting for audit process
17.  Supporting for project extension
18.  Supporting  to international organization to facilitate selection of country representative/staff  if they required
19.  Organizing programs for international visitors
20.  Conduction of NGO management training
21.   Conduction of  NGO press meet for project output/achievement
22.  Celebration of World NGO day
23.  Organizing International NGO meet
24.  Organizing National  NGO conference
25.  Coordination and provision legal supports program to travelers immigrants custody people
26.  Coordination and networking program implementation  for Health- Education- Environment-Peace- Gender equality – Poverty reduction- Human rights- NGO management- Tourism- Safe Migration- Road safety, cyber crime prevention .Drugs, Alcohol  Tobacco and HIV/AIDS etc

Note – Nepal NGO Society is in association with NGO CONSULTANCY NEPAL for implementation of above listed programs .