About Education Program
  1. Advocacy

Nepal NGO society organized issue base Advocacy program in Nepal for right and responsibility of social development.

  1. Policy reform

 Nepal NGO Society Advocacy, lobby, coordination and support for government peoples’ priorities policy reform and amendment of country law.

  1. Networking

Nepal NGO Society Networking for National and international organization, Government, UN Agency, Donors and community base organization for development of social services and fulfill the sustainable development goal in Nepal.

  1. Coordination

Nepal NGO Society coordinate, facilitation and support of government authority, NGO/INGO and all stake holders for social audit and transparency of program and budget.

    5. Facilitation

    Nepal NGO Society Facilitation of respected International organizational, and concern agency those are needed any type of   help and  services under the country Law, Policy and system procedure for social development program NHS is always  support ,help and  facilitation.

    1. Training
    2. Initiation of NGOs Registration
    3. General assembly and Executive