Safe Migration
About Safe Migration Program

The Safe Migration Program is a comprehensive and multi-faceted initiative that prioritizes the safety and well-being of migrants throughout their entire journey and settlement in a new country. With a firm belief in empowering migrants with knowledge, the program offers pre-departure orientation and information to prospective migrants, ensuring that they are fully aware of the potential risks and challenges associated with migration. Armed with this information, migrants are better prepared to face the inevitable uncertainties of migration. The program also stands as a testament to the power of collaboration as it works in close partnership with various stakeholders, including governments, NGOs, and international organizations. Together, they strive to establish and ensure the existence of safe migration channels that safeguard the rights and dignity of migrants.

Access to legal aid, healthcare, and social services is provided to create a protective safety net for those embarking on the migration journey. Furthermore, the program actively works towards the eradication of human trafficking and exploitation, promoting ethical and legal migration practices. The Safe Migration Program seeks to create an environment where migration can lead to improved livelihoods and opportunities for individuals without compromising on their safety and well-being. It stands as a beacon of hope and support for migrants, providing them with the necessary tools to embark on their journeys with confidence and optimism. By advocating for comprehensive policies and offering assistance to migrants, the program aims to create a world where migration is seen as a positive force for both individual growth and global cooperation.

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