Individual Consultancy

Individual consultancy

Any individual person/expert who wants to support for social service sector in Nepal, NGO Consultancy Nepal provide services for them. Following types of counseling are provided for those person/expert or donors:

  • Consultancy Law/ policy and regulation.
  • Selection of NGO partners.
  • Co-ordination for making a memorandum of consultancy.
  • Facilitation of amendment of project agreement.
  • Agreement Support with concern government Organization.
  • Monitoring Support
  • Auditing support.
  • Legal support.
  • Liaison for organizational representation

Our Mission

Integrated development of social sector in Nepal.

Our Vision

Work for social sector development through combined effort of national and international community (stakeholders)

Our Objectives

To focus on the social and economic problems at the grass-root level of the poor people of Nepal.

Objective of the consultancy

  • The main objective of the consultancy is to support the local to national level government authorities as well as national and international nongovernmental organizations, UN agencies for providing the information, coordination, facilitation, liaison and management of their interestin social and economic development of Nepal.
  • To support for facilitation and coordination to establishment and management of national and international non government and private organizations
  • To coordinate to local to national and international level organizations for facilitation, management and monitoring of the programs
  • To organize and participation of national and international conference, seminar and workshop related with I/NGOs and social development sector.