NGO Consultancy

Introduction to NGO Consultancy Nepal (Pvt. Ltd.)

 NGO consultancy is a team of professional, legal, experienced and skilled service provider intends to facilitate a global networks of INGOs and NGOs channeling the resources for the prosperity of the nation. It is established to support and create a network between NGOs both nationally and internationally.
NGO consultancy operates to deliver one stop solution for charitable organizations like INGOs, NGOs, and Memorable foundation etc. providing consultation services from NGO registration, renewal, audit, visa processing, facilitation, coordination with federal, provincial and local government to implementation of the programs. It also provides technical as well as legal support for documenting, accounting, planning, implementing and monitoring. NGO Consultancy Nepal (NCN) closely works with Youth Power Nepal which is purely established for facilitation of necessary support to the national and international government and non-government organizations, UN agencies, Diplomatic missions, Researchers, interested Development Partners, Interns, export as well as Non Resident Nepalese (NRN) and individual supporters who are interested to support in the social and economic development of Nepal. This type of consultancy is initiated for the first time in Nepal in the name of the NGO Consultancy which is provided the special services for facilitation, coordination, liaison, monitoring, and management to the social and economic development organizations in the nation. The consultancy is registered in the Government of Nepal, Ministry of Industry under the office of the company registrar act 2006 in 2014 AD.

NGO Consultancy Nepal is established to meet the growing challenges of Nepal’s development through the initiation of non-government sectors and means. Presently, there are hundreds of NGOs and INGOs working in various fields in Nepal. NGO society intends to organize the efforts of these national and international organizations to yield effective outcomes in most efficient ways.

Why is NGO Consultancy needed in Nepal?

After the democracy in Nepal, there were so many organizations established in different part of the country as same time international organizations also want to support for development of Nepal through local level organization to needy and poor people of community. Furthermore there are many international organizations willing to support Nepal, however due to lack of information, facilitation and liaison of law, foreign aid policy and procedure they face difficulties to support due to which fully utilization of the resources is prevented. Similar, local level NGOs also do not have sufficient knowledge and skills about the establishment of the organizations and program management. Therefore Mr. Rishi Raj Ojha, the chief consultant of this company is imitated INGO Consultancy in the country. Mr. Ojha who has lots of experienced in the government and non-government organizations in the field of social development sector in Nepal since 1982. Before the registration of this consultancy Mr. Ojha consulted several government level policy and planners, social workers, national and international exports and organizations and they encouraged to him to establish such type of consultancy for supporting to local to national level government authorities as well as national and international nongovernmental organizations, UN agencies for providing the information, coordination, facilitation, liaison and management of their interesting social and economic development of Nepal.


Our Mission

To provide consultancy, technical, expert & professional assistance for reinforcing the capabilities of national and international networks of INGOs and NGOs.




Our Goal

To establish, facilitate and sustain a global inclusive network of social activists, social workers, volunteers and entrepreneurs to channel the resources for strengthening socio-economy of the country. 

Our Objectives

To focus on the social and economic problems at the grass-root level of the poor people of Nepal.

Objective of the consultancy

  • The main objective of the consultancy is to support the local to national level government authorities as well as national and international nongovernmental organizations, UN agencies for providing the information, coordination, facilitation, liaison and management of their interestin social and economic development of Nepal.
  • To support for facilitation and coordination to establishment and management of national and international non government and private organizations
  • To coordinate to local to national and international level organizations for facilitation, management and monitoring of the programs
  • To organize and participation of national and international conference, seminar and workshop related with I/NGOs and social development sector.

Nepalese NGO Consultancy Programs

  • Management and facilitation general Assembly.
  • Management and facilitation of election of NGO Board.
  • Orientation of general members and Executive Board.
  • Preparation of NGO constitution.
  • Coordination and facilitation of NGO Registration.
  • Coordination and facilitation of NGO audit.
  • Coordination of social welfare council.
  • Facilitation of NGO renewal.
  • Co-ordination support of different government agencies.
  • Preparation of MOU between NGO/INGO and Individual.
  • Auditing Support.
  • Legal Support.